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On Inclusion

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Lunenburg Aikikai has a zero tolerance for any form of harassment or bullying and works diligently to create a safe space for all members. We advocate mutual respect for everyone and do not support or tolerate any form of discrimination, exploitation, or harassment of anyone for any reason whether based on ethnicity, age, ability, gender identity, sexual preference, religion, socio-economic status.

Our aim is to practice and pass on traditional Aikido in a way that is both dynamic and safe. All practice is undertaken with the understanding that all members are working to help one another progress and transform; there are no competitions in Aikido.

The best way to know if Lunenburg Aikikai is right for you is to come watch a class, collect information, and ask questions. The more informed potential students are about the dojo, the practice, and the membership the better the fit will be.

We currently practice at the Central United Church Hall at 283 Lincoln Street in Lunenburg on the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people. 

Photo by Katie Moum